Grade Level Program Overview

Kindergarten – Affectionately called SUPERSCOOPERS. This level includes Kindergarten aged boys along with Kindergarten and First Grade girls. This is our only Co-Ed level of play.

Designed as a true introduction to the game of lacrosse, our coaching staff utilizes fun and engaging games and challenges designed to develop the basic skills of lacrosse (Catching, Throwing, Scooping and Cradling).

This level meets once a week for a one-hour session, for 10 weeks. All sessions are within Livingston. Equipment at this level can be borrowed from the club, and the only equipment required at this age level is a stick.

Boys 1st and 2nd Grade – Historically, these two grades have been combined, however based on the number of participants, can be divided into individual grades. This is the beginning of “true lacrosse” as our boys are wearing full lacrosse gear. It is an adjustment for many, as it is usually the first time they have played a game in a helmet.

The primary goal continues to be one of learning and individual skill development and throughout the spring season grows into simple team concepts, a more in depth introduction to the rules of the game, and their first live competition against neighboring towns.

This group will have 2 practice sessions weekly, 1-1.5 hours each. In addition, this group will have anywhere from 4-8 competitive games (Typically Fridays or Sundays). This group will also participate in their first lacrosse tournament at the end of the spring season. Games are contested under modified US Lacrosse rules, using a smaller field and a 7v7 format with Goalies. All participants will experience all field positions as well as goalie (not forced). To finish the season, our 1st and 2nd grade boys will participate in their first REAL Lacrosse Tournament.

Boys Grade 3 – Our grade 3 program builds on the basic skills introduced on the first and second grade level, and increases the focus on Team play, positioning and game strategy, including ball movement, clearing and more fundamental defense.

This grade level also will play in a modified format of 7v7, with the occasional game being a full field 10v10 experience. Practices will be two times per week, with a full schedule of games (12-14) and at least two tournaments. Most games are contested within a 20 min drive of Livingston, while tournaments could potentially be a bit farther based on availability. Playing time in games is constructed to allow equal time for all players, with each child playing a minimum of half of the game.

Boys Grades 4 & 5 – While these grades compete separately, the concepts are the same. This is where the intensity starts to ramp up. In grades 4 & 5 our coaches will begin teaching full game concepts, such as defensive slides, Extra Man offense, Man Down defense and Clearing.

At this level we will start introducing a much more structured practice plan, and practices will provide a higher amount of reps at a faster pace. Practices are standard at two per week, lasting 1.5 hours each, with occasional third practices added as warranted. Our philosophy remains equal playing time for all, and continues to promote every player trying out multiple positions. Game schedules typically consist of 12-14 regular season games, with a minimum of 2 tournaments for each grade.

Boys Grades 6 & 7 – These grades begin the process of preparing our players for High School Lacrosse. Practices are structured in the same way as the HS program, and our HS concepts are introduced. While players at the younger ages are introduced to the basic concepts of defense, clearing and ball movement, these 2 grades will now be taught the HS concepts. The concept allows for a smooth transition to High School Lacrosse.

There will be a heavier emphasis on conditioning in the early part of the season, as games are now higher paced, more intense and require a higher level of athleticism. Players are now beginning to lock into their primary positions, and while every player in attendance can expect a minimum of one quarter of playing time in every game, it is no longer required to be equal time for all players.

Practice schedule remains at twice per week, for 1.5 hours per session and there will be a full schedule of games (12-14) and an additional 2 tournaments. These levels may also see an increase in travel time for away games, as it is important to schedule equal competition. Travel range can be up to 40 minutes.

Boys Grade 8 – The final year of Jr. Lancer Lacrosse!!! In the final year of Jr. Lancer Lacrosse, our boys have something to play for. The 8th grade team will participate in the NJJLL (North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League) season long tournament. The tournament consists of group play (3-4 games) where standings are kept, and results matter. The winner of each group is invited to the State Playoffs, with the chance to raise the AA State Title. Our program has had very good success in this tournament over the past few years, with our 2019 8th graders losing in the State Finals, while our 2021 team was able to secure the first AA State Title in Jr. Lancer history.

This level is run as an equivalent to the HS program, mimicking the game planning, strategies and plays that our HS Program runs. Practices are still scheduled for twice a week but tend to run a little longer with more intensity. Coaches will frequently add extra practices when possible, and many of the practices are observed by our Livingston HS coaching staff. This level is a play to win environment, and while everyone will get the opportunity to play, equal playing time is not a requirement. Outside of the NJJLL schedule, there are an additional 12-14 games and 2-3 tournaments.