About us

Program Overview:


The Livingston Junior Lancer Lacrosse Program is an all-inclusive, recreational lacrosse program, under the auspices of US Lacrosse, for boys and girls from Kindergarten through 8th grade. There are no tryouts, no selection process and no cuts. Any Livingston child who is interested in learning and playing lacrosse is welcome in the program.

All programs run from the end of March through the first week of June.

Teams are formed by grade level, and each grade level has differing goals and objectives, as well as having slightly different time and travel commitments. Read more about each grade level here.

All of our coaches are required to be certified Level 1 Lacrosse coaches by US Lacrosse, a process which includes a full background check (The exception to this are our Junior Level 1 coaches from our HS program). Our Junior Coaches are always supervised by a certified adult coach.

The primary goal of our program is to expose our participants to the game of Lacrosse. Through skill development and competition our participants quickly learn to love and respect the game.

Note: Livingston Jr. Lancer Lacrosse encourages all of our players to play multiple sports. While we ask that Lacrosse be the primary sport for the spring season, we also realize that many of our players love to play baseball, soccer etc. THAT IS OK!!

Historically, our practice days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, running either 6-7:30 or 7:30-9 (older groups are the later sessions) with games scheduled for Fridays and Sundays. Tournaments can be Saturdays or Sundays (sometimes both).

Please reach out with any and all questions or concerns.

Mark Konstandt, President Boys Lacrosse

Mike Weber, President Girls Lacrosse